A.J.Woolfenden : A Short Story

Born prematurely with too much enthusiasm for life, the world welcomed me and my twin brother. We joined our older brother and parents and after moving around we settled in Stourbridge.

Growing up I fell into the world of books and have never looked back (or forward or sideways with my nose settling into a book). I started writing as a mere hobby, to rid the voices and faces in my head that wanted to breathe for the first time with ink from the paper.

I joined a local writer’s group who’s members kept me sane, made me laugh and cry as we all had the same goal: a published book of our own. In November 2019, with their help and the people in my life who supported me to no end, that goal became a reality. I aim to continue writing the stories I want to write and that inspire me. I hope to connect to other authors and readers, to build my world wider with the power of stories and wild imagination ! 

I am a new author, hoping to share my experience with writing and publishing. I love to read different genres, mainly keeping to YA, Fantasy, Fiction, History, Crime and Psychology.

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram and Goodread with my author name.

I now have a news letter in place for authors and readers. If you would like to be a part of it, send me a message and I shall add you to my email list.

Any comments and questions are welcomed with enthusiasm and open arms!

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